Philadelphia | Outdoors is the next vision of  award-winning designer, plant lover and Philadelphian Susan Galka.  We – this is a team project –  aim to bring our passion, resources and knowledge of all things “outdoors” (and we are embracing a very loose definition of that word, well beyond what grows) to the world at large.

We’ll turn you on to the unending joys of the garden-even if you don’t have one of your own; must-have tools and resources; weekend DIYs;  intriguing destinations; not-to-be-missed events; fresh food and refreshment; personal style and comfort and inspired entertaining and more.  Life outdoors done well.  And we heartily invite YOU to share what you find joyful.

Piggybacking on this broader endeavor is a digital nook for Galka Outdoor Design, LLC, which began in 1997 as Romancing the Garden and still operates under that name.  Access information on our landscape design, installation, consultation and maintenance services and view some photos of our work on the menu above.






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