I seem to have become an evangelist for Honeycrisps.  And most particularly, for Honeycrisps from Solebury Orchard in beautiful Bucks County, PA.honeycrisp-flickr-2A most photographable apple, offspring of Keepsake, it’s all about sweet and tangy, crispy, juicy, luscious.  Skin that’s polished, smooth, thin.  That first bite bursts forth such complex personality.  There is no variety that comes close.  Simply the best.

But…for the ultimate experience of the ultimate apple, one must make the trip to Solebury Orchard.  I don’t know what their magic is with this variety and perhaps it should be left at that…magic.

In_gardenEighteen years ago this month when we arrived in Philadelphia,  I got into the car and got lost, each day for months.  What  better way  to learn the byways and special spots.  That’s when I found Solebury Orchard, along a picturesque road under arched woodland.  At that time it was a small concern, owned by a young fellow with a passion.  And that’s when I first was introduced to this delectable treat.   Each year since I’ve made the pilgrimage, converting friends along the way.  I  guess I wasn’t alone in that holy mission!  In ensuing years the orchard has grown.  So have its converts.  And that young fellow, who looks young still, has added untold Honeycrisp trees to his grove.  In fairness, he also offers other common and not so common varieties and all are superior.


Of course, you can pick-ur-own.  There’s a frenetic cutting garden, bouquets by weight.  Warm, freshly made apple doughnuts. Iced cider slush.  Apple butters, applesauce, the freshest, sweetest cider I’ve ever tasted.  Pears and pumpkins.  New this year, cider vinegar.  In season: peaches, apricots, cherries, plums, tomatoes, berries too.

The orchard is open Thursdays through Sundays.

3325 Creamery Road, New Hope, PA  18938  215-297-8079



 An apple’s core principle is to not get eaten. And who wants to eat the core of an apple anyway?  Jarod Kintz

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