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There’s not much that’s more enjoyable than getting lost in Bucks County, PA on a brisk autumn day.  Yesterday we found our way to an historic farm, home of the smiling sheep. get-attachmentMiniature babydoll sheep. Welcome to Cuttalossa. get-attachment (1)It doesn’t get more Bucks County bucolic. get-attachment (4) Wish I’d charged my camera battery.  These photos were taken with the phone, a two year old iphone, now woefully surpassed in camera quality. A water  wheel, with crystal clear pond. get-attachment (6) get-attachment (7) get-attachment (5)Dating to the 18th Century, this farm was the homestead of famed Impressionist painter  Daniel Garber and as I’ve googled, is likely the most photographed, painted, iconic site in all of Bucks County.  Subject of poems and philosophers.  It is to be found on a narrow road that runs off the River Road, crossing the Cuttalossa Creek.  A perfect wooded setting with ravines, old stone homes, meandering streams, ancient Plane trees.  Lichens, mosses, ferns, ledgerock.  Just beautiful, and well worth losing yourself to find in the next few weeks as autumn leaves peak.  That’s what I’ll be doing, this time with a charged camera!

In levying taxes and in shearing sheep it is well to stop when you get down to the skin.   Austin O’Malley

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