In case you ever wonder if all your work is appreciated, please wonder no more.  Your gardens are lovely – clearly the result of great effort and thought.  You have a wonderful gift.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

                                                                                Guest, Chestnut Hill Hotel


Thanks for giving us beauty, color and all of your special touches.  We love having a work in progress with you! 

- M. and B.  Merion Station

Love!  Love!  Love!  what you did to transform my place.

- L.  Wynnewood

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful asset to us.  Your work (and the crew’s, of course) is stunning. 

- F.  Philadelphia

Susan – I keep getting a lot of undeserved compliments on the yard – passing the kudos along to you.

- J.  Philadelphia

A huge thanks for all you have done to renovate our gardens.  We have enjoyed them immensely all summer and of course we’ve enjoyed our many visitors’ gasps of admiration and pleasure.

- E. Philadelphia

Thanks to your wonderful crew, too.  They are a treat to work with.

- J.  Wyndmoor
Oh my!  How gorgeous!
- C.  Philadeplhia
It’s all so beautiful.  We love looking at all the wonders outside of our door.
- D.  Haverford
The wedding was perfection.  Thank you for providing an exquisite setting and to all the crew for being such a pleasure to have on our property.
- K.  Bryn Mawr
You’re a magician!  Instant beauty to our gardens.
A.  Philadelphia
Our property is a showplace.  Everyone wants your contact info.  Thank you SO much for delighting us as you have, throughout the process.
- R.  Meadowbrook
After too many years and expense of not getting it right, we found you.  Our place now reflects us, intimately, and not only meets but exceeds our dreams for it.  Many, many thanks.
- J. and L.  Wyndmoor
You have made me famous AGAIN!!  The property is simply beautiful.
                -M.  Wayne

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