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Had to share this.
Some years ago we landscaped an Ocean City property for dear clients in Jenkintown.  Every spring we make the trip to check out the ocean (see if it’s still there) and open the gardens.  Our clients do the important work…they maintain their place to perfection through the summer.
 So, what follows from Carole is really a testament to her and Joe.  Thoughtful design provides the backbone, but ongoing maintenance creates the sparkle.
“Hi Susan:
Our Ocean City Gardens continue to receive rave reviews!
Passersby actually thank us for the pleasure the gardens give them during their walks and bicycle rides…some have told us that the gardens are a destination for them!  We have even had people use our gardens as backdrops for their family photos!
But the ULTIMATE compliment happened last week so I wanted to share it with you….
A woman we had never met before came to the house and presented us with a beautifully framed 11 x 14 photograph of the house and gardens!
She told us that she has been admiring our gardens for the past 5 summers, telling everyone she knew that they must come by and take a look at the most
beautiful gardens she has ever seen!  She explained that one day last month when she felt that the gardens were at their peak, she went home, got her camera, came back and took several photos, had them developed and had her favorite framed for us!
I, of course, was thrilled and told her all about you and your team!
So Susan, once again, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us and know that you and your team are greatly appreciated!

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