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That is to say, almost  :))


Ever been so busy you stepped on a rake like a cartoon character?  Well.. that was us this year!

We look forward to bringing you some of the latest and greatest of all things “Philadelphia Outdoors”–from the city to the suburbs, the Delaware to the Main Line.  And beyond!

This site began as a concept and will invariably evolve and find its own way, much like a plant breaking through the soil and growing up to the sun.  And, hopefully, we’ll provide some nice “flowers” for you to enjoy as well.

We did intend to launch earlier but the winter storm damage and spring and summer installation seasons brought on unending long days, short weekends, and lots and LOTS of mosquito bites.  I am still catching my breath from the marathon this year, but have somehow found time to squirrel myself away to the home office and get this project off the ground.

Check back often for updates (and the occasional “test” post as we familiarize ourselves with some of the spiffy new space age features).

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful weather and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the “Philadelphia Outdoors.”





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