An other-wordly Calanchoe, about to be put into the greenhouse for winter.

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Helleborus “Silver Dollar”.  How fabulous is that foliage?!  In winter, flowers open a pale green color with prominent yellow stamens, then petals soon transform to white with pink-brushed undersides.

get-attachment (22)Dwarf Pieris, soon to be incorporated into an evergreen border.

get-attachment (27)Such a pretty pumpkin,  a gift from Joe Marano, local  nurseryman (Marano Gardens, Bethlehem Pike, Ft Washington)

get-attachment (19)Tiarella (Foamflower) “Running Tapestry”, excellent shade groundcover with showy white flowers in spring.

get-attachment (28)Kale, an extra from planter projects.

get-attachment (24)Lustrous Tassel Fern, earmarked for an upcoming installation.

get-attachment (31)Swiss Chard.

get-attachment (29)Illicium (Star Anise), a very interesting evergreen shrub, in flower.

get-attachment (32)Ornamental Millet, another leftover from planter projects.

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